Absorb GT1™ (Absorb) - the only fully dissolving stentAbsorb GT1™ (Absorb) - the only fully dissolving stent

Fully Dissolving Stents

If you have a blocked artery, your doctor may need to open the blockage and restore blood flow with a small mesh tube called a stent. The stent is placed in your artery during an angioplasty procedure. Angioplasty is called a procedure—not a surgery—since the doctor makes only very small incisions (cuts). There is a new stent option that fully dissolves, called Absorb, that your doctor may choose to treat your condition.

What Is a Fully Dissolving Stent?

Absorb Is Different from Metal Stents

Stents play a vital role in supporting the vessel during the first three months after a blocked artery has been opened. After that, the artery can remain open on its own. This is the reason for developing the dissolving stent, also called a bioresorbable stent. When the stent is no longer needed, Absorb dissolves—and leaves nothing behind* but a natural vessel.


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Today, Absorb is the only fully dissolving stent available in the U.S.  Other stents may have medicines or other materials that dissolve over time, but those stents leave metal in the artery permanently. Absorb is considered to be as safe as the stents most used today, though it may not be for everyone. Talk to your doctor to see if Absorb is right for you.


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The structure and strength of the Absorb stent is based on a specific structure, called MULTI-LINK, which is used in other Abbott stents.

The stent structure gives support to your artery in the first months after your procedure. In about 3 years, the stent has fully dissolved.

The stent is coated with the drug everolimus. This is the same medicine used on the best-in-class drug-eluting stent, XIENCE. XIENCE is also made by Abbott.

How Does the Artery Stay Open After the Stent Fully Dissolves?


To understand how the dissolving stent works, consider how a cast treats a broken bone. The cast provides structure and support until the bone is healthy again. Then it is removed.


In the same way, Absorb supports the artery to restore blood flow—then it dissolves. The treated part of the artery no longer needs support to stay open.

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1. Serruys PW et al. ABSORB Cohort B Presentation. TCT. 2015.

*Absorb dissolves completely—except for 4 small platinum markers that show up on a scan so that doctors can always see exactly where the stent was placed.
**Complications such as the stent breaking over time or parts of the stent losing contact with the vessel wall, called malapposition.

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