Absorb GT1™ (Absorb) - the only fully dissolving stentAbsorb GT1™ (Absorb) - the only fully dissolving stent

Tips for Talking to Your Doctor

You can make the biggest impact on your own health. Make sure you talk with your care team about your treatment options.

Get the Most Out of the Conversation


Talk Openly and Honestly

Even if you are not the expert,
 your care team values your
thoughts and feelings.


Ask Questions

It’s important to both you and
your doctor that you understand
your treatment.


Make Decisions Together

These are big decisions, and
your doctor wants to make sure
you agree with them. Not all treatments
or products are best to treat all conditions. 
Your doctor will choose what is best
for treating your condition.

Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Stents

“What treatments are you considering for my blocked heart artery?”
“If I need a stent, which type of stent are you considering for me?”
“Would the fully dissolving stent be right for me?”


For more questions and pointers, 
get the complete Tips for Talking to Your Doctor Guide



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